ACCOUNTABILITY Entity: Asociación de Músicos Estudiantes de Medicina de Granada

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  • Main activity: EMSOC annual meeting 2019
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  • Consent on behalf of the interested party
  • Performance of a contract
  • Complying with a legal obligation:
  • Public interest or the exercise of official authority
  • Legitimate interest on behalf of the accountable party or third parties:
    -Evaluation of its legitimacy against the interests and fundamental rights of the interested party.
    -Protection of vital interests of the interested party or another person.
SAFEKEEPING Your data will be stored for the duration necessary in order to perform the requested service. Once said services are fulfilled, your data will be kept and duly blocked in order to fulfil the legally imposed obligations issued by the current legislation. Once the established term is finished, your data will be permanently erased unless its transfer to a third party is expressly requested.
RECIPIENTS OF DISCLOSURES Tax Authorities, the Social Security Fund, collaborating entities or others, as required by law.
Courts of Law, Prosecution Service or State security forces and corps, or others as required by law
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LEGISLATION RGPD 2016/679 (Data Protection Act)